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The history of the Mohseni Foundation and the Mohseni Trust dates back generations to the family’s roots in the town of Arak, Iran.  At an early age, Mohammad Mohseni learned from his father and grandfather the virtues of hard work and integrity and looking out for family and others in the community.  During the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Mr. Mohseni and his family immigrated to England before settling in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1981.  Since moving to Canada 4 decades ago, he has never forgotten his Arak roots. Over the years, health, education, service to others and connecting the family have been at the core of all the philanthropic efforts of the Foundation.
30 years ago, Mr. Mohseni funded the development of the Jafar Mohseni Heart Centre at the Arak Hospital.  After funding several medical fellowships at leading North American hospitals, and supporting other health and education projects, Mr. Mohseni turned his attention also to initiatives that assist newcomers to Vancouver who are of Iranian descent to help them adapt to their new home. Two major legacy projects now commanding much of Mr. Mohseni’s attention are the restoration of the historic ancestral Mohseni compound in Arak, and Blueprint (The Men’s Initiative) at Vancouver General Hospital/UBC.

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