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Heritage Home in Arak

Restoring the historic residence of the Grand Ayatollah Hajj Agha Mohsen Araki, a project long in the making, has come to fruition over the course of the past year. Apart from reconstruction activities and securing a myriad administrative permits, the Foundation has acquired the interests of a number of heirs and adopted measures to purchase all remaining outstanding shares.


To oversee and direct the restoration project, the Mohseni Foundation has engaged the services of “Emarat-e Khorshid,” a leading consulting engineering firm specializing in historical restorations. Mr. Akbar Taghizadeh, the senior consultant engineer involved with the project, works closely with Ms. Sara Haeri Yazdi, the project manager. Mr. Taghizadeh is a renowned specialist in historical restoration and a winner of the Aqa Khan Award in Architecture for his work on the restoration of the historic bazaar of Tabriz.

The focus of the second phase of the project is on the execution of the findings of the initial surveys and the implementation of the restoration plans, which include:

  • Preparing the restoration plans and associated documentations;

  • Conducting damage mitigation studies;

  • Preparing structural restoration plans;

  • Plumbing and drainage systems planning;

  • Landscape design;

  • Preparing takeoffs for estimating and tendering.

The approximate area of the building over three floors is 4800 square meters and the site area including gardens amounts to approximately 2500 square meters.


The project’s current scheduled completion date is in the first quarter of 1403 (winter 2025). The building will be used primarily as a scientific research center affiliated with Arak University and the Arak Carpet Museum. The building will also house the permanent office of the Mohseni Charitable Foundation in Iran.

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