In 2021, the Foundation provided funding to CCI-LEX to upgrade their classroom technology. CCI-LEX specializes in offering accessible English language classes to new immigrated individuals, with an emphasis on community building and cultural exchange. With the donation from the Foundation, CCI-LEX has been able to purchase the best technology available to use in their classrooms.


The Foundation is providing funding for a 3 year fellowship from 2022 – 2025 for Endoscopic Sinus and Skull Base Surgery at the St. Paul’s Sinus Centre in Vancouver, BC.


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According to recent statistics, Iran will have a growing population of seniors in the near future. Given that the elderly are more likely to develop Alzheimer's, we should be prepared to face this disease and treat it appropriately. Therefore, Arak's Alzheimer's Foundation by Emam Javad Charity has started to build the largest seniors' home in Iran. 

In April 2022, the Mohseni Foundation joined this project to help build the seniors' home in Arak. Emam Javad Charity and Mohseni Foundation have been cooperating since, and the first phase of the construction has begun. Also, Ms. Nastaran Yasrebinejad, the head supervisor of the Mohseni Foundation in Iran collaborating with Emam Javad Charity, has started a campaign called "Ajor-Namad." Through this campaign, people are encouraged to donate and take part in building Arak's Seniors' Home. This campaign is like a puzzle where people can participate in creating it by only spending 200 thousand tomans; each person will receive a brick they can sign and put their names on the walls as a memoir. This campaign represents the unity and alliance of the people of Iran.

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