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Between Us Magazine

The first issue of Between Us, a vanguard of genealogical magazines in Iran, was published by the Mohseni Foundation in Winter 2000, to great acclaim. Thirty-two issues of Between Us, with the late Ali Asghar Mazhari Kermani as its editor in chief, saw the light of day till the Spring 2011. The ar- chive of this publication records the history and legacy of the Mo- hseni family, in the form of prop- erly researched and well documented articles, for the benefit of future generations.

 The Mohseni Foundation and the editorial staff of the new series of Between Us celebrate the publica-tion as the harbinger of a new chapter in the history of the Mohseni family, which strives to strengthen the ties of kinship and affection that bind the family and to provide a platform for keeping in touch and abreast of each other’s achievements.

Between Us - Vol. 1

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