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Projects in Iran

Arak Hospital

As one of its first projects in the 1990s, the Mohseni Foundation undertook funding for the construction and development of the Jafar Mohseni Heart Centre, a new heart clinic and ambulance service for Arak.


The Ventilators

In response to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic outbreak in Iran, the Mohseni Foundation acquired five ventilators and gifted them to a hospital in Arak in March 2020.

02 Ventilator Ceremoney.jpg


With the foundation’s support, a women’s youth basketball team in Tehran –has achieved first place in Tehran’s youth league in Jan 2022. The team is now training to realize their dream of competing in Iran’s top-ranked basketball league.


Nowruz Clothing Campaign

Since 2000, the foundation, with the added help from private donors, provided new clothing, shoes, and school supplies to less-privileged school-aged children in Arak for the celebration of Nowruz.


Food Hampers

Since 2019, food hampers containing basic nutritional requirements (including meat, canned goods etc) are sent to 120 Araki families in need every month.

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